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Oct 17, 2020

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UX Case Study of International Payment Expert BD


IPE BD is the first international online payment solution for educational purposes, aimed at medical students, in Bangladesh. This document is covered with the design process of their website following UX principles.

Site: ipemedbd.com


IPEMEDBD.COM is the first international online payment solution for educational purposes, particularly for the medical students. As there are inefficient services, so,they are trying to address this problem to solve in a very simple way.

Area Covered

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Web Development

Design Objective

Our main objective of the project was to compile medical students (user) requirement and accomplish an interface where users will feel confident to gain their study materials and solutions at a time.

Understand First


Insufficient resources of MBBS video tutorial.

Less international payment solution provider.

Insufficiency of reliable payment solution provider.

Low-level interaction service of existing providers.

MBBS students can’t find best tutorials at a time.


Work as a team with client-side to make the site proficient.

Focus on “PAYMENT” functionalities within to make more visible.

Concentrate more on designing a secured payment method.

Make components of interaction with admin more usable.

Design a ‘study of medicine’ based userflow.

My Role

Understand > Design Strategy > Research > Competitive Analysis > User Interviews > User Flow > Paper Sketch > Information Architecture > Wireframes > Visual Design > Prototyping

Business Type

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is a business owned by only one person. It is easy to set-up and is the least costly among all forms of ownership. The owner faces unlimited liability; meaning, the creditors of the business may goafter the personal assets of the owner if the business cannot pay them.

Design Strategy

As this project is mainly purposed for the students of degree in medical science, we have aligned our design strategy following straight the User Centric Design (UCD) principle. Students of this subject invest less time to search online paid tutorial. So, our strategy was to build a optimized design where students can invest less time and get the best result.


We did a systematic process of research with target users and their requirements to uncover the problems. However, this site’s owner is also a student of medical science which helped us to map the user requirements more easily. Thus, other user based researches were done with the help of the owner intuitively.

Competitive Analysis

As there are very few service providers of international payment solution in Bangladesh, this part of analysis was bit short in draft but what we got from this is, existing competitors aren’t professionally aware of branding issues up to expectation.

* * *

User Flow

This user flow diagram brings out the process how students can get material.

Information Architecture

We have created an IA which provides an operational map and help users understand where they are, what they’ve found, what’s around, and what to expect.

This IA will fully based on user, context and content.


To make it easier, our wireframe designing process was segmented into two forms: low-fid only for home page and mid-fid for other pages. With distinctive block layouts, we ideated where interfaces will eventually be set-up.

Wireframing by color of Manual Payment Method Page

Branding Elements

As we have designed IPEMED logo, research for branding elements were committed back then. After documented color psychology of target user’s, we implemented UI branding elements following presentation as above.

Visual Design

Clean and spacing — we followed these two principles while performing visual design of this project’s UI. To attract the user’s eye to the correct information and functionality, to increase usability, we have tried to well-round visual ethics such as, line, shape, color, grid, or space.

UX Case study of IPEMEDBD.COM

By Hasan Sharif Rahat

UI/UX designer

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